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Mobile dental Clinics serve the military in all states

ReachOut Healthcare America is committed to supporting the efforts of our nation's military and reservists and national guard via mobile dental offices and mobile medical offices that visit military sites in all states.  We deliver a wide range of medical and dental services and we have excellent military references across many states!  Full compliance with OSHA is standard with our offering.

Dental Services Include: Exams, X-rays, Panographs, Treatment and DENCLASS entry.

Dental Readiness Task Force (DRTF)

RHA has developed an innovative new program called DRTF, or Dental Readiness Task Force designed to serve the military and National Guard.  Leveraging our leadership and experience in the field of mobile dentistry, the DRTF program is designed to specifically address the military and National Guard's critical need for dental services and to do so promptly.  DRTF is a comprehensive program that can be quickly delivered to any location across the country, providing a viable solution to this critical need.   In keeping with RHA's central theme, DRTF is a program that "Serves Our Nation's Finest."

To find out more about DRTF, click here or call (623) 434-9343 x1112.